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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation

Tor Paulsen [b]Removed Standing[/b]. At the time of this vote, your Standing is 88%.

Their reasoning for this vote is:
[quote]I am removing standing based on BI Foundation not providing any official updates since [B]April 24 2019 (304 days)[/B].

I am well aware that people associated with BIF is providing value to the ecosystem through their different efforts, and I am more than willing to reinstate standing as soon as you provide the appropriate community updates.[/quote]

You can see how Tor Paulsen has historically voted for BI Foundation [url=""]by going here[/url].

You are welcome to reply to this thread or contact Tor Paulsen privately. And please remember to keep your [url=""]ANO Contributions[/url] area updated.
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