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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation
Just another example we are starting a RFP which will hopefully lead to an unpaid POC for some entities. That POC is projected at 50k dollars. It is competing against other parties and after winning it there is no guarantee you get to execute as this large entity even mentions they might not move forward with it.

The dilemma here for you guys:

We are considering doing the proposal with Factom, even though some requirements do not really fit it. Choosing something like Ethereum or Hyperledger would make it a lot easier.

So should we take the risk worth 50k dollars and do it with Factom or not? That is 50k dollars that could go up in smoke mostly for us as a company.

After people answered the dilemma here. Do you really expect us to discuss these risks we take as a company for the protocol with the rest of you? Or so you trust us doing these things by itself?

If not totally fine, makes these decisions easier for us as a company.

[USER=32]@Jason Gregoire[/USER] happy to hear your thoughts on the above dilemma and how that is riskless as you classify it 😉
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