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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation
This type of infighting that we are seeing now across the board is the reason I have been pushing for infra ANO only and everything else through the grant pool. There would be a lot less pressure on the standing parties with a system like that as every extra dime spent would have to go through the grant pool process which requires a lot more transparency.

While I agree that a very simple, short and sweet update from BIF would have been appropriate long time ago, I tend to not support the fact that the promotion/demotion system is being used as a weapon to request something like an update.

BI Foundation's efficiency is at 35% right now and you are receiving around 15-20 000$ more than an infra ANO and I believe you are bringing this value many times over as a whole. While our governance is important and a report would certainly be expected every few months, isn't it a bit harsh to remove standing for this while the overall contribution are a net positive ?

If we keep going down this path with our governance, teams with a lot of potential will keep walking away or not be joining our ranks.
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