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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation
Agreed. As I explained in another thread where people start to objectify everything. If you do plain calculations on the amount of FCT we have taken out, versus the amount of money we put in directly (talking money) in investments in open-source code (resources) and companies around us, we are probably above 1m dollars at this point, with more to come. That is not taking into account our commercial projects or money we receive from those. That is purely directed towards code and entities that build on Factom. So minus the FCT we received. Let that sink in please.

Have you heard us about it till date? If i then hear people talking about creating websites that will show what people have recieved versus what they have delivered. All I can do is laugh really hard in pain and anger. It shows the complete small scale thinking of some (sorry to be so utterly blunt about it). How would something like that show for Sphereon/BIF? And do people really expect us to remain involved, or let you tie our name in the industry to it if we go down that route?

Sorry for maybe sounding cocky about this. But i am a bit done with people not taking into consideration that larger entities are doing things on other levels than 1-2 person ANOs.
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