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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation
[QUOTE="Miguel Proulx, post: 25313, member: 84"]

BI Foundation's efficiency is at 35% right now and you are receiving around 15-20 000$ more than an infra ANO and I believe you are bringing this value many times over as a whole. While our governance is important and a report would certainly be expected every few months, isn't it a bit harsh to remove standing for this while the overall contribution are a net positive ?

Keep in mind that standing can easily be reinstated and I even wrote that I would in my explanation for removing standing.

We need some minimum standards for reporting from ANOs even if they are the "rockstars of the community", and a short and sweet update that [I]"things are progressing well, and we are starting a RFP which will hopefully lead to an unpaid POC for some entities. That POC is projected at 50k dollars. It is competing against other parties and after winning it there is no guarantee you get to execute as this large entity even mentions they might not move forward with it."[/I] would be kind of sufficient. But there has been nothing for 304 days, with 3 people requesting updates starting November 30th last year. That in my book warrants removing of standing, but I will be more than happy to reapply it after the community gets an update on progress.
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