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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation
[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 25319, member: 8"]
Yupz, guess that is where we disagree, since you know about a lot we are doing. Most people see us interacting daily, doing work in committees and workgroups, providing some updates about work we are doing with Digital Asset and for instance the clothing exhibit. Yes we need to be better at reporting. Which we already promised and even made somebody available partly to do.

But then to use it as a weapon whilst at the same time you know we are executing on multiple fronts (and even know more than some others) and the only thing is missing updates in which we will have to be vague, given the size of projects and clients, well I am telling you you are reaching exactly the opposite of what you are trying to do.

And expecting us to disclose info about projects we take risks for as a company is not gonna happen as well. This was just an example (of multiple I have), to show that thinking there is virtually no risk involved is nonsense.
I don't understand why you refer to it as a weapon. It's not.

The ANO Standing System is designed to allow the Factom Standing Parties to support or not support an ANO based on metrics of their own choosing. BIF is not meeting the minimum of one of my core metrics (updates via the appropriate channel) and thus I will not support it. It's not gaming or sniping or weaponizing anything of the like; its cause and effect. Alter the cause (provide an update) and get the effect (standing). It's that simple.

Edit: Noticed you posted an update now. Thanks. I'll take a look at it.
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