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Tor Paulsen Removed Standing for BI Foundation
Ok I take it the update wasn't enough?

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Would the standing change if I put in this as an update:

We are still heavily working on every single grant we have received till date and we will deliver them all, with more functionality than was mentioned during the application. Our partners and clients do mean we sometimes have to deviate from the 3 months plan. We have brought the 1st clinical triall, Verial the ETMF application to Factom. We have had a successful clothing exhibit in the municipality of Weert for the tokenization on Factom. Them very enthusiastic and wanting to continue. We have had a successful presentation of the badges solution, with many parties present and wanting to be involved with the future of it. We are working with Alfresco and Digital Asset on our endeavours for integration into their enterprise products and clients. We are working on getting Off-Blocks finished and the product in the hands of partners, clients and enterprises. We have hosted meetups, bringing in ANO candidates and working on renowned blockchain companies from NL applying for the grant pool.
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