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Factomize has lowered its efficiency to 0%
[QUOTE="David Chapman, post: 25339, member: 2"]
As two Standing Parties ([USERGROUP=23]@Factomatic[/USERGROUP] and [USER=24]@Tor Paulsen[/USER]) have set arbitrary "X% Efficiency or lower we remove Standing" benchmarks rather than evaluate on case by case basis that have resulted in Factomize losing Standing, we have decided not to move forward with these projects. We cannot risk more Standing Parties taking on those benchmarks and Factomize's future be at risk.

As such, we will not further the protocol at lower efficiency and our dev will no doubt be seeing work outside this ecosystem.

We will be increasing our efficiency back up to 40%.
This is unfortunate. RewardChain would have liked to have seen you moving forward with these projects.
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