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Q1 2020 Report
Hello, community! There is our report for Q1 2020.

[B][SIZE=5]Factom® PRO[/SIZE][/B]
We continue working hard on our BaaS platform:
[*]After receiving positive feedback from the Ministry of Economy and Business of Spain, I decided to relocate Factom PRO to the EU. It gives us direct access to European markets and allows to work with EU governments and municipalities.
[*]I have got an entrepreneur visa and ready to relocate the company after the COVID situation becomes better. For clarity, De Facto ANO remains to be incorporated in Russia and I keep Russian entity to work with Russian companies.
[*]We have changed the strategy and started pitching our platform and services to CEOs and CTOs of IT and software development companies, that have a clear usage case for the blockchain/DLT.
[*]We have updated the [URL='']landing[/URL] and [URL='']services[/URL] pages and made SEO optimization of the website.
[*]Right now we are preparing a marketing campaign, that will be launched soon.

We started working on decentralized computing network (2nd layer protocol) on top of Factom. It's called Verifiq.
Verifiq is on PoC stage and so it is not officially announced, [B]but for the transparency of our work, I decided to post information about Verifiq here.[/B]

[ATTACH alt="1585734393996.png"]2617[/ATTACH]

Verifiq is a unique combination of Tendermint Core and Factom technologies into a single protocol, which makes it an ideal solution for any enterprise applications.

Verifiq allows users to log on to the network and use dApps, while retaining control over their identities, credentials, and digital assets using decentralized identifiers (DIDs).

Website: [URL][/URL]
Presentation: [URL][/URL]

We have developed PoC of Verifiq node, which uses Factom and Tendermint Core libs while building blocks and has instant finality of transactions.

The main design goal is not just to scale Factom network with Tendermint Core, but have full compatibility between Verifiq entries and Factom entries, so DIDs/tokens/domains/etc that created on Verifiq will be available and readable on Factom and vice versa. So at the same time, all Factom related development — tokens, Ledger support, DIDs, etc. — will be also available on Verifiq.

[B][SIZE=5]Golang Factom DID Library[/SIZE][/B]
We continue working on Golang Factom DID library.
We recently shared library design overview: [URL][/URL]

Native Golang library may be used into Golang applications — such as factomd, Factom Open API, FAT node, Verifiq node/API — and will allow to easily integrate DID and build APIs for working with DID on top of this lib.

We aim to release the lib and cover it with tests until the next grant round and apply for a backpay grant if the development will be completely finished.

[B][SIZE=5]Exchange Working Group[/SIZE][/B]
A lot of works has been done internally as a part of Exchange Working Group. We have set up communication channels with the entity, which works on PegNet listings and work with them to bring FCT on good exchanges. More information has been already shared [URL='']here[/URL] by WG.

[B][SIZE=5]Factom article on Forklog HUB[/SIZE][/B]
We have written an article about Factom and posted it on Forklog HUB. Forklog is the biggest Russian online-magazine about cryptocurrencies.
[URL unfurl="true"][/URL]

[B][SIZE=5]Community Works[/SIZE][/B]
[*]Participated in most governance discussions
[*]PegNet Telegram administration
[*]Factom Reddit administration
[*]Supporting people in Factom Testnet

[B][SIZE=5]Keep maintaining[/SIZE][/B]
[*]Factom Open Node Singapore Node
[*][URL='']Factom World[/URL]
[*][URL='']EC Stores[/URL]
[*][URL='']Factom Testnet Monitoring[/URL]
[*][URL='']Factom Developer Guides[/URL]
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