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Batched Amendment - Removal of Guides from Governance
Hello everyone,

Following the successful ratification of Doc 002 to allow for Batched Amendments, the Governance Working Group is [URL='']releasing its first batch of document[/URL]s pertaining to the removal of Guides. A ratification of these 11 documents will effectively remove all Guide mentions from governance and important processes formerly carried out by Guides have been altered [B]where feasible.[/B]

A few examples include:

1. Gatekeeping for a removal procedure has been removed. All ANOs are immediately included in the discussion. The Emergency Suspension becomes an optional part of each removal procedure, needing a majority Standing Party vote within the first 24 hours.
2. Standing Parties vote on the final FCT amount for each grant round.
3. A lot of announcements have been redirected to either Standing Parties with implied authority, Initiators of certain procedures and/or generic automated bots. Provisions are in place to cover situations where automation isn't available or is failing.

Apart from Guide-related changes, several documents have also received a few quality-of-life updates. Nothing too contentious, in most cases this is just added clarity or a simplification of processes.

A few examples include:

1. The Website Committee formation has been revamped to be in line with doc 006. There are no more FCT holder and ANO member elections. The Website Committee is now able to manage multiple Websites, with one Grantor added per Website managed.
2. Incubent Testnet admins can now have their terms automatically extended if there are no candidates. Elections moved from 6 months to 12 months.

For a full list of changes, with a clear overview of each document, click [URL='']here[/URL].

NOTE: All listed document amendments are [B]subject to a single vote in this Timed Discussion thread[/B]. Changes have purposely been kept as non-contentious as possible for this very reason. If you have any concerns, please utilize the 8-day discussion period effectively.
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