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Batched Amendment - Removal of Guides from Governance
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Thank you Factoshi and WB for putting documents up for approval.

got one issue with doc 107 (grant process) in 4.3.1. It state that vote for final grant amount must complete before conclusion of grant round and that would be wrong as it is concluded by funds being paid out. It has to be concluded prior to voting period starts (19 days prior payout in table 4.2). Also what happens if this does not happen? Is grant round automatically cancelled?

Doc107 para 4.3.1 says that the amount to be paid out will be calculated and approved via Standing party vote. It is difficult to be precise about the amount for a number of reasons and so there has always been a contingency to ensure there is sufficient available to disburse.

Doc107 para 4.3.1 also says that a vote to approve the final amount must be completed prior to the conclusion of the grant round. According to table 4.2 you are right that it needs to be concluded 19 days before the end. The logic for this is that the cut-off for grants is driven by this which will influence voters.

Should a vote for the amount not be agreed then it is difficult to see the grant round continuing.

From your perspective would you prefer the above two points to be made explicit in Doc107?
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