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New Version of Launched
Factoshi is pleased to announce the launch of new Factom and PegNet stats and metrics on [URL=''][/URL]. The new version has the following features.
[*]Historical [URL='']Factoid[/URL], [URL='']entry credit[/URL], [URL='']PegNet address stats[/URL].
[*]Historical [URL='']entry credit price[/URL].
[*]Historical [URL='']grant pool size in USD[/URL].
[*]Average [URL='']ANO efficiency since onboarding[/URL].
[*]PegNet [URL='']miner dominance chart[/URL].
[*]Average [URL='']daily PegNet hashrate[/URL] (rather than by block).
[*]Historical [URL='']PegNet transaction stats[/URL].
[*]Chart subtitles to explain stats.
[*]The ability to link directly to a chart (used in the links above).
Additionally, Factoshi has now launched a public API so that others can get access to our stats for use in their own applications. The launch of the new API marks the completion of our recently awarded [URL='']grant[/URL]. Please see the documentation here: [URL][/URL]
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