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2020 Q1 & Q2 Update
[B]2020 Q1 & Q2 Update


Factom Nodes have been well maintained, and updated in a timely manner.


We continue to maintain our testnet node, 1x Testnet authority node

[B]Exchange Working Group[/B]

We continue to diligently work toward new listings for FCT. This includes

1. Weekly calls with the two firms we are working with for exchanges
2 .Document reviews from exchanges
3. Producing information for exchanges
4. Communication and negotiations with exchanges on a number of points
5. Strategizing within the committee and communicating with the community
6. Coordination with MTH on listings
7. Writing grants for the exchange working group

[B] 2.0[/B]

We just released a [URL='']major update[/URL] to the Factom Protocol website.

This new website version includes
1. New homepage with rich media, protocol metrics, and important links
2. Protocol page with rich media, updated information and design
3. Technologies page showcasing technologies and enterprise solutions built by the community
4. Integration with the Factoshi API to show real time price, supply, and grant pool
5. Usability improvements and new graphics
6. Roadmap with input from the Factom community
7. Header navigation now includes applications and the new Medium blog
8. Updated ecosystem page with rich media
9. Updated developer documentation
10. Updated media pack page and press assets
11. Footer navigation to the new explorer and applications
12. News section added to homepage
Note: We are working with Hashnstore to get a live feed of Bitcoin/EthereumTX/EthereumContract data costs to replace the static numbers
Note2: We plan on working on any proposals to integrate the Factomize forum more fully into the protocol website

We have reestablished the website committee to approve additions to the website, and help steer any future updates to the website.

Additionally, we finished work on the website, described below.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and any additional applications or technologies you want featured on the site. Please contact Spencer B on Discord or the Website Committee directly, thanks!


Q1 and Q2 of 2020 we continued to maintain FAT, though we did not submit any grants for FAT. We refined standards and documentation, created a website and roadmap, and continued to maintain infrastructure and ideate with people. These are expanded upon below:

1. Updated the[URL=''] FAT-1 Standard[/URL] which defines non-fungible tokens to bring it up to date with the most recent changes including data structure revisions, and transaction signing innovations (FAT-103). Removed implicit inheritance from FAT-0 for clarity. Merged the[URL=''] branch[/URL] to master
2. Updated the[URL=''] FAT-0 Standard[/URL] which defines fungible tokens to reflect recent changes including allowing send-to-self transactions, zero amount transactions, allowing custom supply precision when creating a new non-fungible token. These changes create the base for master compatibility for WASM Smart Contracts. Merged several improvement branches([URL='']1[/URL],[URL=''] 2[/URL]) to master
3. Updated the FAT documentation page in the[URL=''] Factom Protocol Documentation[/URL] to reflect the developments happening on FAT over the last two quarters, including smart contracts
4. Finished the[URL=''] FAT Website[/URL] and made it reflect the addition of smart contracts to FAT. Added a[URL=''] helpful video[/URL] from the Factom Protocol Youtube channel to the homepage that helps explain the basics of what FAT is
5. Created a[URL=''] Roadmap[/URL] for full featured production ready Smart Contracts on FAT. With the conclusion of the last FAT grant contracts are in an alpha ready state, but are not yet ready for deployment in production. This roadmap details and prioritizes development of features such as stateful contract storage, a gas mechanism, and cross contract calls that are all required to bring FAT smart contracts to a production ready state in a future grant

We have maintained our FAT courtesy nodes
[*]1x FAT mainnet courtesy node
[*]1x FAT+FAT Daemon testnet courtesy node

We are currently in communication and are working with several new collaborators including Anton Ilzheev and Kompendium to plan out and execute the next stage of FAT development.

[B]Adjusting Server specs[/B]
We will be adjusting the size of our mainnet server instances down, as they are oversized for Factoms requirements and doing so will not affect the performance of our nodes.

Upon launch of the 2.0 website today and this update, we will be raising our efficiency to 25%.

[B]Private Developments[/B]
While we had planned on releasing publicly a private project untilizing Factom in Q1, Covid and worldwide lockdowns have put those plans on hold.

With the start of Covid and lockdowns, we were also forced to discontinue our travelling and thus much of our promotion of the Factom protocol. In fact, we were in Dubai working with partners there when lockdowns began, and were forced to cut the work short. We look forward to getting back on the road and continuing our project using the Factom protocol.
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