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Q2 2020 ANO Report

We continue to host and operate the following sites and services (New items for this quarter will be highlighted in bold):
[*][B]OPR Microservice (Pegnet 2.0)[/B]
[*]Pegnet FCT/ERC20 gateway
In the past quarter, the PegNet community desperately needed a working explorer, as [URL][/URL] was, and still is, non functional. Community member @Antoncorbn created the explorer for the community and we offered to host it on a subdomain of In addition, the implementation of PegNet 2.0 requires a new OPR Microsevice that we are also hosting. You can see how the OPR Microservice fits into the Pegnet 2.0 architecture in the following diagram:



[SIZE=5][B]Kyber Network listing[/B][/SIZE]
In the past few weeks, Saul worked with Republic to complete the ERC20 PEG listing and automated price reserve deployment on Kyber Network. Smart contract deployment to Ropsten testnet was completed last month, and after thorough testing, we completed the mainnet smart contract deployment last week. The APR is currently awaiting funding, and should be going live on the platform soon.

[SIZE=5][B]900,000 EC consumed[/B][/SIZE]
Since the launch of PegNet, our public services have consumed over 900,000 Entry Credits on the Factom blockchain. We realize that organic EC consumption is one of the best ways to directly improve the tokenomics of the Factom Protocol, so we are proud to say that we are now consuming over 2000 EC per day on the Factom Mainnet. We hope to see this number keep increasing with each quarterly update, as the use of these services grow.

[SIZE=6][B][U]Continuing Efforts[/U][/B][/SIZE]

We have had so much interest from the community on FrostByte, so we know you are as excited for our big product reveal as we are! Fortunately, the wait is almost over. While we were hoping for a Q2 announcement, COVID-19 has caused several delays for our team and our partners. We are currently putting the final touches on the website and the UI/UX of the app redesign. We believe we are only a few weeks out from a public announcement and product reveal, and we can’t wait to share with you all.

[SIZE=5][B]Auth Nodes[/B][/SIZE]
Prestige IT provides two authority nodes at over 99.999% uptime, with 24/7 monitoring for these systems. We continue our commitment to respond in a timely manner to network events, and perform mainnet updates within the specified update window.

We continue to participate in governance efforts, discussions, and votes.


Amid dwindling FCT prices, Prestige IT continues in its effort to provide real value for the Factom Protocol community. As most ANOs are pulling back their involvement, we continue to increase ours. None of the work discussed in this update was either directly or indirectly grant funded.
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