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Consensus Networks Q2 2020 update
Despite the precarious global climate as a result of the pandemic, we have been proud to be a part of the Factom community and its continued fortitude even amidst some ANOs being forced to resign or furlough. These have not been easy times, but we still believe the best years are ahead for Factom and are eager to continue to work alongside all of you to make this a reality. Our first responsibility to the community is as an infrastructure ANO, but we are huge proponents of Factom and seek to make broader technical and community contributions to the protocol where we can. Outlined below is an update on the work we have done using and on behalf of Factom over the past quarter. As in quarters prior, we have funded all work to date on our own and are proud to be contributing to the growth of the network.

We have maintained near 100% uptime on all of our servers since being elected into the active set. We are currently operating two mainnet servers across two different data centers with backups and two testnet servers.

HealthNet (Healthcare SBIR):
We’ve secured another SBIR Phase I grant, this time through the Department of the Navy to use HealthNet to secure medical supply chains in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This week (7/13/20 - 7/19/20) marks the first official week of work on the project, so we will keep you updated as it progresses. The grant is for a 5 month period of performance, with the possibility of follow on Phase II funding available in January 2021. We will be utilizing Factom as a layer of truth for securing identities and metadata related to real time data collected from a variety of medical IoT connected devices. We have much work to do, but are excited about the possibility of using Factom to reduce the impact of the pandemic on DoD medical supply chains. We still intend on applying for phase II funding through the NIH at a future date, but believe our technology and team are better aligned with the scope of work laid out in the DoN grant so we will explore this opportunity first. We've also been accepted into the Matter health technology accelerator which we believe will help us continue to find early adopters for our technology.
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