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Hi everyone,

A short update on what we are up to.
[*]During last quarter we announced the raise of efficiency to 50% which effectively translated to a less active involvement in the Factom ecosystem. We have also moved at this occasion to a single server in the authority set (so 1 server at 0%).
[*]Participated in some technical discussions and reviews, such as this [URL='']new feature for factom.js[/URL] submitted by Bedrock.
[*]Lately my activity is mostly in the Core Committee (non public Discord channel). In particular, following the issue with the restart system that happened a few weeks ago, I worked out a plan in 5 points to make it less reliant on Factom Inc. This takes time though as all points require active involvement of Factom Inc which is currently severely constrained in terms of resources. One success I was able to get last week though is that Who and myself got write access to Factom repositories (factomd, walletd, factom-cli). That means at least we have non-Factom Inc people able to manage pull requests, create branches and make commit directly. It's a small step and hopefully we can move forward similarly on the other points.
Thank you.
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