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Non-Profit Organisation
Hi Everyone -

We have previously all got behind the formation of a foundation for the protocol and it's assets to be under. This would allow us to be a legal entity, have a board, some structure and a generally more professional face.

The apparent blocker has been D&O insurance costs of around $100,000. This is of course focussed on the US. The obvious solution seems[B] to not be[/B] a US-based NPO. Find somewhere without regulatory issues, and free from hassle.

This thread is to bring back peoples focus to the necessity of an NPO, in a far cheaper jurisdiction that we can quickly get off the ground as a legal entity.

[*]What other jurisdictions would be suitable?
[*]Where are other protocols foundations registered?
[*]Where is crypto friendly?
[*]Who would be willing to be a Director?
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