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Non-Profit Organisation
Most of this work has already been performed by the Legal working group. If I remember correctly, there is a spreadsheet listing a dozen of potential places for such organizations, with a list of the advantages and the drawbacks. We could start by going through this list. I am sure [USER=9]@Matt Osborne[/USER] or [USER=79]@Shuang Leng[/USER] still have it. It is maybe in a past thread too.
This should answer most of your questions.

An extra one: why would we actually need such an organization ? The future executive committee could be the face of the protocol without having an official structure. I understand the professional face it could bring. It could also maybe simplify some other aspects but I think it is worth to list them. What did you have in mind?

And in any case, it should not prevent IMO the formation of the executive committee or its equivalent.
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