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HashnStore : Q2-Q3 2020 Intermediary Update
(Here is a quick intermediary update before our Q3 Update next month)

We are pleased to announce that we have put online the commercial version of our platform, [URL='']Validity[/URL].

The Validity platform hosts 3 services for now . The commercial launch and announcement will take place in the next weeks. Meanwhile we are in the process of selling these services to companies. We have started last week (as announced in our previous update) with a multi-billion dollar company. Our goal is to multiply these kind of contacts in the following weeks. You can already have a look on The webapp is only available in French for now as it's the primary market we are targeting.

As a reminder, through our Validity platform, we want to make the access to data securing solutions easy and affordable whether for intellectual property, signatures or traceability purposes. Our goal is to help people protect their data and their corresponding rights.

To be continued.
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