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FPoS – Federated Proof-of-Stake
Honestly, limited progress has been made. The community has one group working independently on governance and another working independently on FPoS. I don't believe we can effectively just bolt FPoS onto the protocol. It needs to make sense within the context of our broader strategy, but we have no real mandate to make those types of changes and there is already a group mandated to bring their own governance vision to the protocol. We have one of our hands tied behind our back.

I believe FPoS is feasible but it needs to be part of the broader vision; staking needs to provide a function within governance and/or consensus. With that said, it is my opinion that we should commit to it in the long term, but changes in the immediate future are unlikely.

There is broad agreement within the group (or at least no vocal dissent) that a supply cap may be a more realistic and immediate change to our tokenomics. Anton's recent post reflects that thinking.
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