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Grant Round 2020.4 Final Amount V2 vote
Due to my ineptness, the previous minor discussion and poll was invalid due to it being open to all community members. I am reposting this discussion and poll. Please let me know if this appears to be wrong again. I will plan to shut down the discussion early since there was no input on the previous thread on this subject.

In accordance with Doc 107, the Standing Parties must approve the grant round amount with 3/5 vote.

Here is a breakdown of the report I ran on block 267862:

Current block: 267862
Current round: 2020.4
Activation block: 272726
Payout block: 273726
Payout date: 2020-12-01
Existing Grant Pool: 117862.0968
Grant round contribution to payout date: 58280
Grant pool at payout date: 174380.675832

This calculation provides a 1% buffer to the valuation. If we were to provide a 3% buffer, the valuation is closer to 170,000FCT (170857.833896FCT).

Open to discussions and ultimate approval for the final amount.
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