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Grant Round 2020.4 Final Amount V2 vote
[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 30431, member: 8"]
I am fine either way. I think there is something to be said for 3% given there are leftover FCT from previous round regardless and 3% being the safe option if other ANO(s) decide to lower their efficiency. Then there is still a little bit reserved for stuff like the currently paused bug bounty program
Likely to be under subscribed again. That would absorb any error. Any short fall in the range of 2% amounts to ~3400 fct more or less. That's is easily made up by a delay in issuing the tokens by one to three days, or even just ignored. (The grant pool grows a bit over 1000 tokens a day. A slight error would be covered very quickly)
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