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Grant Round 2020.4 Final Amount V2 vote
[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 30447, member: 8"]
[USER=29]@PaulSnow[/USER] That all deviates from what we have in governance. Can we please just keep this simple and go with the 170K. I think everyone in here has better things to discuss than the 1% or 3%.

As soon as the vote is open, I hope everyone is okay with voting for 170K FCT for this round as proposed by [USER=48]@Nolan Bauer[/USER] .
That's fine. I thought I was defending the initial estimate, but meh.

Mitigation is still possibly necessary, so it seems helpful to me to list what we might do.

I'm not sure if governance prohibits a response to a failure to accurately predict available tokens, but I'll take your word for it if it does.
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