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Consensus Networks Q3 2020 Update
Hello Factom Community,

We wanted to get an update out regarding our activities over the summer and fall. We've been heads down working on our HealthNet platform so apologies for being somewhat absent recently.

First, we're just closing out our Phase I SBIR with the DoD for HealthNet. This was an accelerated topic so very fast-paced and we really pushed ourselves hard to accomplish a major web application within 4 months. HealthNet is an integrated data environment that is able to take live data from medical supply chains through temperature monitoring, Bar-code and RFID scanning, and more. This data is pushed to the environment where several things happen. First, we record important aspects of the data, such as a Unique Identifier for a device, to the Factom blockchain. HealthNet solves a key problem in pharmaceutical and medical supply chains today, namely serialization requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2013. Per the most recent Healthcare Distribution Alliance survey of medical manufacturers, only 32% will be in compliance with the Act by the end of 2022 when the law goes into full effect.HealthNet’s blockchain technology enables complete traceability of medical supplies back to manufacturers, solving this important and legal requirement. HealthNet also runs live analytics on the data, prescribing to healthcare stakeholders when to order more medical supplies and where to allocate limited resources based on need. Lastly, HealthNet is built to export data to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) a growing, worldwide medical record interoperability standard. This makes is compatible with basically all Electronic Health Records and health systems. The growing attention COVID-19 has put on lack of technology within healthcare supply chains has opened several doors for our chances to commercialize this product and we're excited to be able to share more as we're able to in the coming months. Our Phase II application went in on Friday and we'll know more early next year whether our R&D will continue to be funded.

Second, we're applying for renewal of out Phase II for HealthNet with the NIH. We've been working on this for quite awhile as you all may remember. It was originally designed for patient data sharing across providers and still is to a degree but has broadened its scope to leverage success and need we've found when working on our Navy grant. We're looking to use population health data to drive improved insights across healthcare supply chains in order to better predict and allocate resources and care. The goal is to proactively address issues, vice reactive as most healthcare supply chains are administered now.

We hope you all have a great holliday season and stay safe and healthy! We'll strive to improve our interactions with the community and give more regular feedback and input!
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