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Veteran Blockchain Investment Firm
Thank you guys for campaigning!

[quote]50% of node earnings will be allocated to the Factom Protocol Endowment Fund with West Virginia University upon establishment[/quote]
1. Can we define earnings? Earnings are often defined as after tax net income so I'm curious what you'll be donating specifically.

2. 50% of earnings from both nodes? And when you go down to one node, will you continue to provide 50% of earnings from that node? Is WVU aware that there will be a big drop at some point?
[quote]Grant proposal to setup initial infrastructure to begin demonstrating and marketing to the USG the value and utility of the Factom protocol[/quote]
3. So the "Factom AWS GovCloud Network" won't be part of what you do with your default ANO earned FCT, but is planned if you're able to obtain the grant?

4. How much will you request for the grant?

Thank you and best of luck :)
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