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Factom leadership and decision making vote
[QUOTE="Miguel Proulx, post: 31213, member: 84"]
We needed stuff to happen yesterday.

You kinda forfeited that argument when you voted against a ready leadership structure + accompanying tokenomics over a month ago. To be clear, I respect everyone's vote, but you can't have it both ways.

[QUOTE="Miguel Proulx, post: 31213, member: 84"]
Lets remove ANO from the day to day BS, put everyone on the same efficiency, [B]keep ANO as the safe keepers[/B] of this new strong leadership until we are strong enough for a council approach and lets move on quickly please.

That's the thing. If you remove ANOs from formal participation (starting non-veto votes, participating in non-veto votes), you accept that ANOs become an even weaker 'safekeeper'. Less involvement in decisions is less support for those decisions. Less involvement also means they'll be worse (if that's even possible) at monitoring.

If we can tackle that nuance while staying decisive and doing all you've listed, then why not?
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