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Factom leadership and decision making vote
This may be obvious to everyone, but just to ensure it's explicitly highlighted for the group, and the process understood ...

[B]For the vote [/B]question "[I]Should ANOs continue to remain part of the community decision making process?[/I]"

[B]A "[U]NO[/U]" vote would [U]completely disenfranchise ANOs[/U] from community governance decisions making[/B].
[B]This would [U]not[/U] take effect immediately [/B]at the conclusion of the vote, but would instead occur once "something else is adopted" and functionally in place. As indicted [URL='']here in the provided decision tree[/URL], if ANOs choose to remove themselves from governance decision making (forum votes, grants, ANO accessions/removals, etc.) , the [U]next planned vote provides[/U] multiple rankable [U]choices on what entity would assume total decision authority[/U] for the community.
[B]A "[U]YES[/U]" vote [U]keeps ANOs[/U] as [U]part of[/U] the community governance [U]decisions making[/U] process[/B].
[B][U]And in the next planned vote[/U], [U]ANOs[/U] will [U]rank[/U] [/B]multiple [U]options on how[/U] ANOs will remain involved in decision making.
These options include ANOs retaining complete (100%) decision authority, or alternatively, several options on sharing decision authority with another entity(ies), such as a multi-member council, single director, or something else.
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