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Factom leadership and decision making vote
[QUOTE="Mike Buckingham, post: 31218, member: 164"]
Thanks Miguel, you make a good point. This question does not distinguish between type of structure ( say Exec versus council). This discussion and decision is very much a part of getting to a decision on the type of leadership. Whatever that turns out to be those involved in the GWG and latterly GIG are committed to supporting any decision the community makes.
I already made the point in this thread, why the order of question is wrong.

So now we have clear that the question is whether ANOs whold a say in the protocol and not about day to day decision making, I guess the question is.... why would this be a question at all in a PoA?

No matter what structure we would choose the ANOs still have a say, it just is a matter of whether that is in day to day operations or not (hence this being the wrong order).

The fact that something that even shouldn't be in question and if it would be, should be a question for more than ANOs alone, then becomes so convoluted is the more reason for proper leadership.
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