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Factom leadership and decision making vote
[USER=227]@Matthias Fortin[/USER] The question although not very well defined in itself is not really in question, it is the order because of the asymmetry in the proposed solutions. From a council approach it makes sense to ask upfront, because there is the most uncertainty about what the mandate would look like as well as the most chance of erosion of the leadership structure. It also makes sense to ask it up front to sort of frame a director approach more into a dictator like approach, which it obviously isn't, given we are PoA.

As I already explained as long as we are PoA the answer thus has to be yes on the question for almost every ANO. If it were to change it is not a question to ask to ANOs only. So what is the value from a Yes?

ANOs are pretty capable of giving a direction in one of the 3 proposed solutions first and then based on the solution refine with follow up questions specifically tailored for that solution.
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