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Proposed Factom Objectives
This a major timed discussion and vote on proposed the below Factom Objectives document.

The Factom Objectives proposal can be found here: [URL][/URL]

Factom Objectives seeks to identify technical and non-technical objectives for the community to focus in order to align efforts on:
1) getting our house in order, and
2) setting the future conditions to refine and further focus community objectives around use cases to aggressively pursue commercial viability and community inclusivity.

If adopted, the community should annually modify, continue, add, or remove objectives based on community priorities and progress accomplished towards objectives for the preceding year.

By design Factom Objectives is not a finished or static document, it is a living, evolving document to be revised and validated annually by the standing parties. Neither is it a substitute for effective day-to-day decision making. The document itself doesn’t inherently contain a hierarchy, prioritization, or chronology. Decisions on resource allocation, which lie with those standing parties charged with its execution, will be politically influenced, and as such are outside the scope of this document. So while Factom Objectives provides targeted goals of the community it does not rigidly commit the community in regards to funding or prioritization.

Factom Objectives will provide standing parties a tool to communicate externally to industry and token holders as well as better enable teams to communicate and organize to cooperatively work towards core goals.

Changes from the [URL='']previously presented draft[/URL] are:
[*]The proposal has been significantly simplified
[*]All potentially controversial content has been removed to be apolitical, and broaden appeal
[*]There is no chronology and the previous ERA organization has been removed
[*]The clustering of effort has been clarified in a restructured diagram (below)
The purpose of this discussion is to enable the community to amend the Factom Objectives document as necessary and Standing Parties are encouraged to propose such amendments or additions prior to the vote.

The purpose of the vote is to decide on the adoption of Factom Objectives and to work towards its execution.

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