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Proposed Factom Objectives
At the ANO Summit almost three years ago, we passed a simplified roadmap that we were unable to execute even with Guides at the helm and more resources.

This is a much more complex roadmap while the protocol is in a much worse state.

So, I fail to see how we can even achieve this proposed roadmap. Happy to play along though.

[USER=32]@Jason Gregoire[/USER]
Since you're proposing the roadmap, [U]I'll assume you also have a plan on how this can actually be implemented[/U]. Can you please share? Maybe break it down based-on each potential Governance route the protocol may go? This clearly conflicts with the Director proposal and very well could conflict with the GWG polling going on right now. Maybe also break down how it could be executed in our current state should we stay at a stalemate. Does everyone see the problem now???

Without a viable plan to execute this roadmap, this proposal is nothing but a wishlist that potentially creates future Governance headaches. We're putting the cart before the horse.
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