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Proposed Factom Objectives
[QUOTE="Miguel Proulx, post: 31282, member: 84"] Shouldn't a roadmap contains targets that are achievable within a time frame? It is like someone made a picollage of all the buzzwords this industry has. This roadmap is overly optimistic, maybe that is how it is supposed to be? [/QUOTE]

This does highlight a core problem that the community has faced since its inception. No one has a good understanding of what efforts are targeted or are already underway.

In collecting all the input for the first iteration, we discovered that many great efforts and projects are already being progressed - mostly unknown to the community. This is a big problem and undercuts our productivity & potential teamwork, and prevents us from leveraging a valuable narrative we need to be telling.

So again, [U]you will be excited to learn that many of these objectives are in fact already underway! Some are planned to start this year, some have been started and are progressing, and others are nearly done[/U]. The 2021 diagram is meant to simplify and show viewers how many different ongoing and planned efforts fit together.

As with any roadmap, it is very likely that not every objectives will be completed - this proposed roadmap is limited to 2021. It's not so much overly optimistic as realizing that we're way behind on schedule, so many things need to get in place. Additionally, where we have several teams instead of a single centralized foundation progressing the protocol, so many efforts are being worked on in in parallel.

The goal is to advance all items as far as possible and put us back on track for a 2022 use-case focused roadmap to build on all our progress to date. Remember by design the proposed roadmap is not a finished or static document, it is a living, evolving document to be revised and validated annually by the standing parties. Yes, leadership is where you add prioritization to any resource allocation or dynamically add new items to the protocol's 'to-do' list, In the absence of that, this still works and allows us to message our goals for the year, enhance community coordination, promote work completed, and plan for a brighter tomorrow. If you agree on what needs doing, you can get together for a common purpose and get it done. If there is something missing that your team wants added that you or another party is or intends to work on this year for the benefit of the protocol, let us know.
Even if we only complete 80% of objectives this year, progress is good, and that progress can be factored in next year's roadmap.
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