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Proposed Factom Objectives
[QUOTE="Miguel Proulx, post: 31282, member: 84"]
Shouldn't a roadmap contains targets that are achievable within a time frame? It is like someone made a picollage of all the buzzwords this industry has. This roadmap is overly optimistic, maybe that is how it is supposed to be? Outside of the governance proposals, how many items of this roadmap could be achievable this year? I personnally would just like to see items that are achievable on this roadmap.

If we use ethereum or even Bitcoin as a model, they both have had items on their "roadmap" that have been there forever.

If we want to prioritize against a list of tasks, this is a starting point. And it shouldn't be confined to a year, or to what we already are committing resources to do. Having a roadmap is a tool for gathering the resources to achieve goals.
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