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Proposed Factom Objectives
[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 31287, member: 8"]
If we treat this as a simple Wishlist that is very much open to changes no matter what approach we are going down I am okay with it. If this really is meant for overseeing execution by whatever leadership we come up with then I am very much opposed to it.

I view it as the list of issues and features. This provides a framework around picking and choosing what we do with the resources we have. This "roadmap" really is just a taxonomy of efforts to be taken.

I do understand we have had issues in the past. I know this year has seen very little momentum. We need to identify steps we can take and actually take them. Making a list feels like a no brainier that in no way locks us into a particular path.

And we have no integrity issue when we document what we have identified as a set of initiatives, which are documented and considered as we deploy resources.
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