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Proposed Factom Objectives
Yeah, although the picture also conflates a lot across differente layers and mentions things that are not necessarily really Factom or on-chain specific, like selective disclosure and ZKP. Sphereon is obviously working on the DIDs (client, server, resolver, registrar), VCs (VC HTTP API, Presentation Exchange, revocation lists, eIDAS bridge), ZKP, Selective Disclosure, Rosetta and using that tech in both our own infra, projects and by our customers.

We are also working with a university in South Korea on applying Factom VC/DID/OpenBadge tech for their courses and which will be used by their university, with partnerships of other universities in the making and relationships in other universities, which fits in the Academia partnerships

So I agree some of it is already more or less in the pipeline. It simply is missing the distinction in layers a bit and the fact that the protocol itself is not really responsible for all of it. So calling it a wishlist/objective document is totally fine with me. Calling it a roadmap to which we will be more or less bound doesn't make sense when we are talking about changed leadership and tokenomics.
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