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Proposed Factom Objectives
[QUOTE="Niels Klomp, post: 31315, member: 8"]So calling it a wishlist/objective document is totally fine with me. Calling it a roadmap to which we will be more or less bound doesn't make sense when we are talking about changed leadership and tokenomics.

I view all roadmaps by decentralized projects as "wish lists" when it comes down to it. (Their plans rarely match reality) And a decentralized project has the advantage of including all efforts on the protocol, and people can work on what they want, and hold conflicting priorities... After all, a business is always going to have different priorities from the protocol.

Summary: calling a wishlist a roadmap is consistent with nearly all decentralized projects, and does not have to be limited to what identifiable protocol developers are doing as long as someone is doing development, and locks us into nothing. But it does enumerate the work and features we see as a community to be important.

I don't like wishlist as a term for a more or less official document as I'm not aware of any decentralized project that uses that term. It is a bit needlessly derogatory sounding to me.
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