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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
On behalf of Sphereon I’ll post a more extensive vision for the protocol in the next few days.

For now, we want to thank all the parties for getting this whole discussion going and all the efforts that they’ve put in so far.

From our point of view we believe it is super important to break the impasse and take several decisive actions.
We’ve seen first-hand how important it is in our dealings with other projects/companies to be able to make decisions and get things done. As a commercial company Sphereon really needs this and we’re sure other companies that want to work with Factom require this as well.

We believe the best way by far to achieve this is through a Director model.

Not a Director that will just execute what he/she thinks is best, but a Director that will consult and work together with the various stakeholders and people like Mike, Vidale, Colin, Anton, Matt, Jason, Julian, Hinamatsuri and others, that will try to build consensus. But in the end will take a decision and move the protocol forward.
A Director that will not do everything himself but will “direct”: a Director that will delegate tasks to others. Others in the community, but also to professionals with more or specific knowledge about certain subjects.

We will remain a decentralized protocol with enough safeguards through the current ANO system, but – temporary – we need to do a lot of things in a short period of time to get this thing moving and turned around.
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