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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
Thanks to [USER=175]@WB[/USER] for running the "[URL='']Leadership and Decision making vote[/URL]". The final result was 8-6 in favor of the council. However, we know two of the three abstaining parties have shown support for the Director proposal, so we're really looking at an 8-8 tie.

Because we are truly deadlocked, I think we should use this discussion thread to hash this out once-and-for-all by diving into the details instead of just discussing things from a "theoretical" standpoint.

I'll get that ball rolling...

Here's the simple question every ANO needs to ask itself:

[U]"Which approach provides Factom the best chance of success - Director or Council?"[/U]

1. [USER=8]@Niels Klomp[/USER] - Would you like to share your vision for Factom under a Director approach?

2.Vidale / [USER=32]@Jason Gregoire[/USER] (or anyone else) - Would you like to share your vision for Factom under a council approach?

Thank you in advance.
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