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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
Thanks for laying this out Vidale, I appreciate it. Follow-up questions to dig deeper:

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31387, member: 175"]
Factom organizes itself into a small council that’s representative of the many areas it is serving. The classical: tech, outreach, governance. Or stakeholder-focused: users, ANOs, token holders.
For clarification, how are these council members elected? What is the high-level process?

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31387, member: 175"]
As for decision-making internally, personality and experience will always determine how decisions are made. Any reasonable council will give a C-level member the biggest say in a situation that calls for it, but again, it needs to be in the spirit of getting things done together, shoulder to shoulder.
For clarification, how exactly does voting occur? For example:

1. Do the three council members vote on every decision and the majority wins?
2. Do the three council members 100% defer to the C-Level person?
3. When does the council overrule the C-Level executive?
4. What happens when all three council members have a differing opinion about something such as which C Level to hire? Or what the tokenomics should be? Or which grants should be funded?

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31387, member: 175"]
The council recruits top talent. Internally and/or externally. At least one C-level executive manager preferred. Internally, each member may have full control over its designated day-to-day business, but the council is mutually accountable for results.
So the assumption is that a C-Level executive will be interested in reporting to a council potentially composed of individuals with no experience actually having built a business, correct? Even worse, a council member could simply be a person that is a token holder that is popular on Discord. Yet, a qualified C Level will still be interested in this role, correct?

Is expecting a qualified C-Level person to take orders from an inexperienced council realistic?

[USER=106]@mboender[/USER] Would anyone from Sphereon be interested in this structure? Could you please explain why or why not? Thank you.

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31387, member: 175"]
So yes, under a council we will drive a community-backed roadmap so we don’t run into any longer-term efficiency & cohesion problems.
Just to clarify, is the community determining the roadmap? Or is it the Council? Or is it the C-Level person(s)?

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31387, member: 175"]
There’s a lot of work to be done. Probably too much work for one person to be involved in everything. In theory, sure, a CEO is a key enabler. And in theory, sure, a CEO is great for coaching underlying teams. But we’re not dealing with theory, we’re dealing with reality.
1. Isn't it "reality" though that CEOs have literally built every single one of the 10,000 largest companies in the world?

2. Following up on that, are there any real-world business examples of a council similar to the one you are suggesting having succeeded?

Thanks in advance!
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