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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
[QUOTE="WB, post: 31389, member: 175"]
We can just elect them through your process in the Director proposal, which is really a multi-winner election process anyway. I’d add that every eligible voter gets as many votes as there are seats to be filled.

Really, I guess we’d be fine with nearly everything in this current proposal. As a compromise. You just switch out single leadership with council leadership.
Under the council framework, would we have 3 different elections (tech, marketing, Governance) and then just hope the people that got elected could somehow form a solid working relationship? Or, are you thinking that the three-man council would run as a team? Meaning, we'd have something like four councils of three people each running for election. People would then vote for their favorite "council."

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31389, member: 175"]
Really up to leadership. I’d suggest they pick a community-backed roadmap if such an initiative exists (probably not the worst decision legally either) and then add new content or zoom in on existing content depending on the strategy they want to follow.
Community feedback is essential, I completely agree with that. My fear though is that if the community has to approve the roadmap via 60% vote, then we'll just end up stuck (like now). So, I am against this being codified in Governance (maybe the council is also, I don't know). If a Director or Council wants to hold a roadmap vote on their own, that's fine. But, I am against tying our hands together by codifying this into Governance.

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31389, member: 175"]
This reflects a very naive stereotype of a lone businessman single-handedly building an empire. It makes for a great film, but the “reality” is that almost none were created that way nor are they managed that way. These success stories are the result of luck, relationships, and the perfect timing of putting talented teams together and focusing it with dedication and tenacity behind a common objective. That’s the real driver behind success.
So you believe that if these 10,000 companies had employed a council structure, and council members are elected by the employees and product users, that these companies would be just as successful?

[QUOTE="WB, post: 31389, member: 175"]
I don't think the protocol should cater for one party specifically, we are a decentralized protocol after all. [I][Bonus points if you remember who originally said this.][/I]
Which other ANO or ANO-related entity that has C Level execs with decades of international business experience would you like me to ask? I am only aware of one involved with the protocol. Hence, why I asked Maarten. If you know of others, by all means, please ask them if a qualified C Level Exec would want to be managed by people with no serious business experience who were elected by a community that largely also has no business experience. Doesn't exactly sound like an enticing opportunity. But, maybe I am wrong. Hence why I asked Maarten.

Overall, it seems like we're actually moving in a good direction. Hopefully, after going back-and-forth once or twice more, we'll be able to tailor this proposal so it suits everyone. Then, we'll just let elections resolve the rest of the outstanding issues. At least that's what I am hoping for.
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