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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
Interesting that a proven mechanism of leadership is portrayed as idealism. A director brings clarity, direction and certainly will not result in second guessing every step of the way, not because I would be a dictator. Simply because I am capable of the analysis, creating proper plans, executing them.

Will there be some parties or people that do not agree? For sure, but that is even more the case when you bring in more decision makers without proper leadership structures in place.

The indecisiveness and lack of clarity already shows quite clearly in this thread, which brings me to the next point:

[USER=175]@WB[/USER] You decided to accept the nomination for the director position. Let's assume this ammendment makes it and you would get elected as Director.

What would be the exact difference with the council approach of which you are a co-creator and proponent from the GWG?

PS. I can give the remuneration figure I would seek at this moment if you want.
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