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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
[QUOTE="Hinamatsuri, post: 31403, member: 117"]
If the 3 council members each have their own area of expertise then what would happen if two members disagree to something that is going on in within the last members area? Should they then sort it out amongst themselves or should the area of expertise bring a stronger mandate? In the first case we would lose some of the decisiveness in the latter case it would be a bit like having three directors (which might work).

It's the second. We elect three peers. Within their respective authorities, they can't be overruled. There will be grey areas for sure, but they'll be less important if they're not captured as an authority anyway. There will be similar grey areas with a Director and ANOs doing work.

Overall strategy would immediately go to the most technically oriented person - because Factom is a technology product.
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