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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
[QUOTE="Matt Osborne, post: 31492, member: 9"]
[USER=175]@WB[/USER] and [USER=164]@Mike Buckingham[/USER]
I'm thinking that we write into the proposal that a board is to be formed after 9 months. Is this a compromise you can accept?

Thank you
Definitely makes sense. It even would be viable to hand over more reigns at that point in time. Basically the board right now handing the assignment to the director to get the protocol on its feet in 9 months, and then the board next to that assignment becoming responsible for different areas of the protocol. I would be totally fine with that. As I would be fine with limiting the seat to 2 or even 1 term, as I always have seen this as an interim management type of job. In a traditional environment there still is a board that is not a representation of an even bigger body (ANOs). They also typically bring in an interim manager to bring the change and give that manager the backing, without getting to sit on his/her chair in day to day operations. You need autonomy to make real change fast enough.

People that might be unaware of what interim management means:
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