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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
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The board helps because ANOs are prone to weak oversight. It also helps because a board is a better soundboard for a Director than 18+ parties with widely divergent opinions. It also helps because it shields the Director from being accountable directly to the stakeholders, which is especially important when we're getting some unpopular decisions. Like I said yesterday, I think this is the ideal compromise.

So this is what we need from the start. Not after 9 months.
As mentioned, having the board from the start is totally fine. As long as the role of the board in that period is overseeing the interim management part we need at this point. That the board becomes responsible for Tech, Marketing, Outreach, Legal and what not after that makes sense, because the plans for that should have already been set in motion by then.

I am not at all against accounting. I rather have a smaller delegation doing some soundboarding and overseeing work with regards to bringing change. As long as the lines from how to do that job are not crossed, unless the approach would be wildly out of line of course ;)
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