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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
I think having the board and the director is a good approach for the protocol.

My thoughts:

1. From my experience of participating in different workgroups, [B]the board should not be too large[/B], otherwise people are not actively participating. I would suggest 6 people board + 1 director

2. [B]Board members should be compensated as well[/B] (not big amount of money, of course, the compensation is needed to keep people involved in management on daily basis)

3. [B]Director and board members are elected[/B] [B]and[/B] [B]re-elected[/B] (for the future periods) [B]by ANOs[/B]

4. We should [B]use Factom Protocol forum[/B] (or maybe [B]Reddit[/B] is better to show that protocol is alive?) for public communications and discussions by the board members and director.
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