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Batched Amendment - Strategy and Resource Director Proposal
[QUOTE="Anton Ilzheev, post: 31505, member: 35"]
1. From my experience of participating in different workgroups, [B]the board should not be too large[/B], otherwise people are not actively participating. I would suggest 6 people board + 1 director
That is rather a large number at this point. Also we need to define whether a director would become an internal or external director. Meaning whether the director in the future is executive and outside of the board, together with other executives, or whether he/she is the chairman and inside the board. As explained the interim period (9 months max), needs to basically get us into a full fledged structure, where a proper board of directors is also setup and has its roles and mandate defined.

[QUOTE="Anton Ilzheev, post: 31505, member: 35"]
2. [B]Board members should be compensated as well[/B] (not big amount of money, of course, the compensation is needed to keep people involved in management on daily basis)
Agreed on the remuneration. It really is not management on a daily basis at this point though. That is something to be decided for the future. If it really becomes day to day management, then you need proper remuneration in order to have the right people do the job.

[QUOTE="Anton Ilzheev, post: 31505, member: 35"]
3. [B]Director and board members are elected[/B] [B]and[/B] [B]re-elected[/B] (for the future periods) [B]by ANOs[/B]
I would leave out as much restrictions. Yes elections are necessary. Yes we probably need maximum terms, whether it really needs to be ANOs is something that needs to be seen. We need to move into a direction where other stakeholders start getting involved as well.

4. We should [B]use Factom Protocol forum[/B] (or maybe [B]Reddit[/B] is better to show that protocol is alive?) for public communications and discussions by the board members and director.
The board as well as the director in the interim period will provide regular updates. The director also typically has confidential info about partnerships, communications etc. That is really not something that you want out in the open. The board is exactly there to ensure oversight and have insight into what is going on. The information that can be disclossed will be disclosed at regular intervals. Using reddit and/or the forum makes total sense for that.
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