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Factom Bridge
Hello Matt,
1. We aren't currently looking at Grant work. That does not mean that it could never happen, but at this time, ANO payouts would be funding development costs. The reason Factom Bridge was formed is to grow the availability of the Factom Blockchain. We have a number of tasks that fall into the 'We have no business reason for this, but it would be cool if Factom could..." In our first case the '...' is 'be accessed from an open garden mesh implementation or substratum mesh network without them hitting the internet.' This project has been falling off the end of our priorities list as it falls into the interesting but optional and unfunded category. Being an ANO moves project to 'has funds and is in our best interest to address' category. This directly effects the testnet servers as our current servers were reallocated.

2. I will address efficiency first. With two servers we are returning half to the grant pool. When ANOs start moving to single servers instead of the current 2, We have noted 30% returned to the grant pool (70% kept). This is really wiggle room. We do not know today what some of the commitments we may have to support when the Authority Server is moved to a new ANO. As for time, I won't speak for our other team members, but I have 10-15(+) hours a week that I will direct to this. While it isn't my primary employment (I work at Factom, Inc) It does directly improve my value to the company. Things we work on will also not be items that conflict with Factom, Inc, but also other ANOs. This isn't a competition. If we think a magic bean counter would be good for the protocol and someone else is working on one, we can consider it covered and do something else. That will require some community transparency into what we are working on or considering. We also consider tools we make to be open sourced and easily licensed.
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