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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
This is my application for the position
[B]My professional background[/B]

I have been doing software development for almost 20 years now. Most of that time has been in Technical Director/CTO positions. Products ranging from Healthcare software, SMB server and Voice over IP solutions at a time that wasn't really common. High-Availability Infrastructures and networks, Online Backup Software, Enterprise Content Management and with Sphereon Content Services, Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity software with a focus on document/file centric solutions.
For more details I will defer to LinkedIn. Obviously one can also ask me questions ;)
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I came into contact with blockchain and Factom roughly 5 years ago. We made the world's first integration of Sharepoint and blockchain at the time. Way ahead of our times looking back at that now. At that point we decided to create our own Java integration and not rely on the rudimentary Java classes that were available. That mainly had to do with the quality. At the time I also did a short code review on factomd itself, which revealed quite a lot of issues in the codebase. We decided to go ahead however, because we really liked the data centric approach of Factom together with the 0.1 dollarcent per anchor, meaning stable prices.
I have been a Factom Protocol Guide for 2 years. The first year has been pretty successful. I have mixed feelings about the 2nd year. I still believe it to be a failure that the standing parties removed the guides. The guides as a whole weren't performing. For myself I also regard that term as a failure in the end, especially since we have been unable to add additional standing party types. First of all governance only has/will never be the thing that would make me happy. Second the guides had no clear roles and mandates. Although, time permitting, doing a pretty decent job at it, obviously I am an entrepreneur, director and Technical person first. That is also my strength. The position for Resource Director is much closer to those these areas.

I regard a term of 9 or 12 months for this position suiting me. Very much as an interim manager/term to get the ball for the protocol rolling again. In that term making sure we have something to handover to a next person/entity in a state that doesn't need interim management anymore and which despite crypto price swings should be in a steady state for further growth. Obviously I would use/bring my network into this as well.

[I]I will shamelessly copy-paste what I wrote before, without changes in the next post[/I]

I will seek roughly 7,500 dollars a month, denominated at a fixed FCT price determined upfront and with a discount applied. On top of that a bonus of 25%, with requirements/targets we have to define together. The reason is that I want to align incentives for the protocol and me/Sphereon. Although 7,500 dollars is a lot of money, obviously it doesn't pay my full salary. The money would be mainly used to fill in the gap by a senior developer as well as my salary in Sphereon which would be the result of work for the protocol and less availability in Sphereon. I am willing to take the risk in price to a certain extent of course. Even if the 7,500 dollars is hit in the FCT price I would not be making money compared to today. So I better make sure the price of FCT gets above the 35% discount gap mentioned below.

I would be seeking a denomination in FCT at current exchange rate for the 7,500 dollars, but then for 65% of the amount of FCT in total. Reason is that I want the risk but also the upside in there. As explained even at 100% of the total amount of FCT to make 7,500 dollars, I wouldn't be making money. From a commercial perspective that still is a bad deal for Sphereon. I am totally okay to have an upside cap on the FCT price as well. Making more than 15K dollars for a non full-time function also doesn't make sense at this time (even if the price would allow it).

If you have any questions or remarks please do not hesitate to ask me

[I]PS: The legal entity could be(come) Centis BV, Centis IT Group BV, Blockchain Innovation Foundation, Systems of Trust BV, BConsolidated BV or Sphereon BV. If elected we would have to discuss with our legal advisor given the uncharted territory and potential legal issues/claims. Obviously I cannot put a legal entity with employees at risk for potential claims because of the uncharted territory. For the application the eventual entity doesn't really matter in daily operations.[/I]
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