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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
Some questions from my end. Some of this may overlap with answers you've already given.

1. What have you learned in the past two years, specifically when it comes to communication with the Factom protocol, and how do you apply those lessons to your role as a Director?

2. $7500 a month may not be the salary you’re pulling at Sphereon, but it all comes down to how much time you’re investing. Are you reducing your hours at Sphereon for this? How many hours are you intending to allocate to this role?

3. I appreciate the business analysis tools (swot, bcg matrix), but can you give us a vision of what you intend Factom to look like in twelve months? What's the growth you want to see? If a random retail investor had to sum up Factom in twelve months, what would you hope he or she would say? In twelve months, what would you want consensus in /r/cryptocurrency to be?

4. Following up on the above, do you foresee some of your resource management focusing around directly appealing to retail crypto investors? This has been our achilles heel for years. Ultimately, Factom will play second fiddle to projects that target similar use cases but are way ahead in retail appeal, because it is simply much easier for them to attract capital and interest (e.g. Civic for identities/VCs).

5. This was not part of the first election procedure for a Director, so I'll ask it here. Could you list all of your perceived, potential and actual conflicts of interest in your capacity as a Director? Relations/investments with ANOs, other roles, etc.

6. You distanced yourself from the protocol for much of last year. Do you foresee any hypothetical events that would cause you to prematurely end your term?
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