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[Sphereon BV] Niels Klomp
[QUOTE="WB, post: 31765, member: 175"]
Some questions from my end. Some of this may overlap with answers you've already given.

1. What have you learned in the past two years, specifically when it comes to communication with the Factom protocol, and how do you apply those lessons to your role as a Director?
Probably not the answer you want to hear here. But what I have learned in the past two years is that too many cooks in the kitchen is a bad idea. What I have also learned and already knew for quite some time given I have been involved in the past in the biggest tech community in the Netherlands, is that written communication is always harder than personal communication. For that I will be doing more online voice and video meetings with stakeholders. In the first few months I will probably hold a monthly session to inform people about progress and answer any questions they have. Probably also having an open session every week for people to ask me any questions. Moving into a bi-monthly cadence afterwards.
However I also know I am not the easiest person. That has to do with all kinds of things, but also with the fact I am simply used to calling the shots in a technical and business environment. I am not here to be friends with everybody. If you believe that will change I have to disappoint you.

2. $7500 a month may not be the salary you’re pulling at Sphereon, but it all comes down to how much time you’re investing. Are you reducing your hours at Sphereon for this? How many hours are you intending to allocate to this role?[/quote]
I will be doing roughly 20 hours a week. As should probably be clear we have a very experienced Management Team at Sphereon with a lot of international experience as well as dealing with big organizations. The Management Team will also step in at times to help me and thus us out. Yes I will be reducing my hour at Sphereon temporary for this. This will be filled with by the combination of our new CEO as well as a senior developer.

3. I appreciate the business analysis tools (swot, bcg matrix), but can you give us a vision of what you intend Factom to look like in twelve months? What's the growth you want to see? If a random retail investor had to sum up Factom in twelve months, what would you hope he or she would say? In twelve months, what would you want consensus in /r/cryptocurrency to be?
With regards to the growth that has so many dimensions and variables it would be unwise to set too many flagpoles at this time.
The tools mentioned are there for a reason. Instead of going with our gut only it should provide us with some clear insights in what to do and more importantly on what not to do. As there never are guarantees for success you take an approach that is proven to maximize your chances.

To answer your question. What I want is that we see new parties entering the protocol development wise, that we see public projects running on the protocol, that we see accademia, startups and companies interested in using the protocol. That we see a listing on at least one reputable exchange because we have got our story straight. In the end the consensus the retail investor as well as /r/cryptocurrency consensus should be that how they could have missed Factom having this much potential as they have regarded it as an antique and irrelevant project with too many promises not being held up. The decentralized nature of all our efforts, have also made all the different progresses very opaque. That simply needs alignement and direction to bring all these islands together into one story. They should firmly believe that the tokenomics will work in their favor and is heavily aligned with them investing at that point.

4. Following up on the above, do you foresee some of your resource management focusing around directly appealing to retail crypto investors? This has been our achilles heel for years. Ultimately, Factom will play second fiddle to projects that target similar use cases but are way ahead in retail appeal, because it is simply much easier for them to attract capital and interest (e.g. Civic for identities/VCs).[/quote]
If you take Civic as an example for VCs you are probably underestimating the inroads a company like Sphereon has in for instance the EU, INATBA, The Netherlands, Dutch Blockchain Coalition etcetera. We are working on projects and frameworks in both national and international settings with actual law makers. I personally don't believe in identity only tokens/networks, given that part can be replaced in the future, with for instance something like DIFs KERI. You also need audit/trace capabilities, authorization and data. That is where Factom can shine. Identities in the future will not be a single ledger. We are for instance in the European Self Sovereign Identity framework responsible for making sure that al these different VC solutions can talk to each other. Besides that mainly issuers and verifiers are the intended paying audience, not the consumer/user. Except the general crypto investor hasn't connected these dots yet.

But what these project do very good, and what we have been doing very badly, is pick specific use cases, like for instance one of Factom's direct competitors LTO Network focusing on Business identities. I wouldn't be a good director if I wouldn't come up with a plan together with others to ensure we would become appealing to retail investors. However I don't want to jump the gun here. I have several ideas, but I really want to do the analysis first in order to not be too biased.

5. This was not part of the first election procedure for a Director, so I'll ask it here. Could you list all of your perceived, potential and actual conflicts of interest in your capacity as a Director? Relations/investments with ANOs, other roles, etc.
Obviously I am directly related to Blockchain Innovation Foundation and Sphereon, no surprises there. Sphereon is both a shareholder in and developer of Off-Blocks, which in turn has relations to Colin and Federate This in this protocol. That's it.

For full disclosure:
We have worked as a subcontractor through Off-Blocks with Factom Inc and we have good contacts with DBGrow and Layertech about potential collaborations/projects. We have provided some help (unpaid) in the past to entities like TFA and GO Immutable for their projects and/or our prospects.

6. You distanced yourself from the protocol for much of last year. Do you foresee any hypothetical events that would cause you to prematurely end your term?
Do you have a few hours :p
Obviously the classical health, family issues, that you do not always have control over.
Then there is the possibility it becomes a failure, either by my doing or outside of my control. Currently the price seems to be increasing, but I warn people to not get too excited too soon. Simply look at the downwards slope of the price for more than a year. Obviously we will come with a plan, that would include changes to tokenomics. That should be appealing, but if the price of the token is down the drain, you cannot magically mint all kinds of tokens and think that everyone would see the value in that. At current prices we are already working on a shoestring budget for what we want to achieve. So that is of obvious concern.
I don't even have to go down the "what if Bitrex delist us" I guess.

Lastly there is the potential that ANOs will feal threatened, That could result in blocking any movement, or simply remove me from the position. Although I also feel that there will be an interesting dynamic with the position. Because the consequences of removing the director from an interim position for the protocol would be quite bad, especially from the optics department.

These are just a few of the many possibilities. But to end on a positive note, obviously I have thought this through and am aware of a lot of things that could go wrong. I decided to run despite of that, because I am rather confident I can change the protocol around together with the help of everybody.
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